(1925 Port Arthur (Texas)-  Captiva, Floride)

“You could waste years arguing. All I had to do was make one [image] and ask: ‘Do I like that?’ ‘Is there anything to say there?’ ‘Does that thing have any presence’ ‘Does it really matter that it looks bluer now, because it is late afternoon? Earlier this morning it looked quite white.’ ‘Is that an interesting experience to have?’ To me, the answer was yes.”

Robert Rauschenberg, à propos de ses ‘White Paintings’ 1960’s, in: I never thought of it as much of an ability,’ (1968)


“Loop, Stoned Moon”, 1969.
Lithographie, no 46/76, 83 x 70 cm. 84.5 x 63.5 cm (image), 102 x 72 cm (feuille).

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